Travel with miniature humans

Hello! First of all thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. On here I am hoping that in sharing my family’s travel adventures, and misadventures, I can inspire more families to travel with their little ones.

I am not going to lie, travelling with miniature humans isn’t easy or stress free, but it is a lot of fun and I believe that the positives outweigh the negatives. Living everyday life with a three year old and a four month old at home can be hard at times, may as well be experiencing new locations and making family memories while we do it. I have also found that when you look back on your travels you focus on the positive experiences and the negative ones don’t seem as bad, sometimes they even become one of the favourite stories to retell.

It is also awesome watching your children experience the benefits that travel has to offer. Different experiences open up the dialogue with your kids and often can lead to new interests forming. For example, our three year old now loves maps. Paper based ones, where you have to try and work out where you are before you can figure out how to get to where you are going. He can’t read them (sometimes they aren’t even held the right way up) but he now loves maps, reading them, drawing them and giving directions from them.

Travel has been a big part of my husband’s and my life and wasn’t something we were going to give up now we have miniature humans. It has been awesome watching the interests of our mini man develop on the various trips. We have found our he loves being outdoors and his baby brother is shaping up to follow in his footsteps (as much as you can tell with a four month old) which means camping, hiking and being outdoors in general, are all high on the agenda. On the flip side we have also found he loves museums, with the clear favourites so far being Te Papa Museum in Wellington, NZ and the Australian Museum in Sydney, AU. He also loves a good cafe or burger place, thanks to his father. Travel for us has changed and is a bit more kid focused, as that just makes it a more pleasant experience for everyone, but as we have discovered kid focused doesn’t only mean family resorts and theme parks.

I am excited to have you along for our family adventures as we “Have Toddler, Will Travel“.



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